Our reinsurance and excess coverage practice has developed extensively. We have diverse representation which has allowed us to be thoroughly familiar with and understand the issues peculiar to reinsurance claims, including the following:

  • The ceding and collection of reinsurance recoverables
  • The custom and practice of facultative and treaty reinsurance placements
  • The function and role of the reinsurance intermediary
  • The structure of reinsurance programs and retrocessional programs

We have arbitrated and litigated many of the coverage issues that typically arise in connection with reinsurance claims, including:

  • Extra-Contractual Loss
  • Follow the Fortunes
  • Good Faith
  • Late Notice
  • Trigger

We have extensive experience with allocation of underlying claims to reinsurance treaties. We have advised on issues of policy commutation.

Our members have monitored, audited and reported on claims across the nation on behalf of domestic and foreign insurers.