Rebar Kelly leads the insurance industry and its insurers in responding to emerging marketplace challenges. Large scale crisis-management claims are on the rise and have a significant impact on policyholders, insurers and brokers.

Our team of Crisis Management attorneys are experienced in handling and resolving matters related to first and third party coverage issues. Our attorneys have experience in handling crisis management claims in the following areas:

  • Information and Data Security
  • Food recall and contamination
  • Trade and supply chain disruption
  • The Impact of climate change on global supply risks and product safety
  • D & O and E & O coverage concerns for crisis management claims
  • K&R and extortion bodily injury claims’ coverage
  • Public relations and rehabilitation coverage
  • Property damage and restoration coverage
  • Economic exclusions
  • Coverage for fear of exposure during national or regional outbreaks

Rebar Kelly attorneys assist insurance carriers and their insureds before a claim is even filed through the development of risk management and loss prevention programs.