Directors and Officers are often subject to a variety of claims arising from difficult and novel decisions they undertake in their roles within an organization or association. These decisions underscore the myriad risks that directors, officers and managers may encounter on a daily basis and can, at times, result in large consequences. While some claims result in investigations, other claims, particularly concerning shareholder and employment issues, commonly result in litigation against directors and officers of large and small companies, whether corporations, partnerships or limited liability companies. Accusations against directors, officers and managers not only have the potential to cause harm to the individuals involved, but the company as well, putting brand, reputation, profits and customers at risk.

Rebar Kelly attorneys understand the various risks that directors, officers and managers may encounter in the exercise of their business duties, including breaches of fiduciary duty, employment decisions, trade secrets and claims arising out of intellectual property concerns, among others. With experience in defending management in various such claims, our attorneys offer deep knowledge on how to respond to and defend against liability issues stemming from such.

As Rebar Kelly considers itself to be a partner to our clients, we offer concurrent counsel to assist our clients not only in defending against such claims, but in the process of making decisions concerning risks that managers face on a daily basis. By providing our clients with up-to-date analysis of legal developments, we enhance their ability to make informed decisions at every step of the litigation process in a nuanced, thorough and efficient manner.