Rebar Kelly’ Retail and Hospitality Group understands the multi-faceted risks and potential for liability faced by our clients, whether the client is a large national resort and hotel or a small mom-and-pop storefront. Our hospitality clients include developers, retailers, restaurateurs, hotel owners, hotel operators, investors, builders, executives and other participants in the retail and hospitality industry. As a firm, we understand that reputation and customer satisfaction are essential to this dynamic sector of our economy. Whether the legal need relates to a single incident or a long term risk aversion plan, Rebar Kelly is prepared to respond. Our retail and hospitality clients are confronted by a wide array of issues that require the skill, experience and knowledge that Rebar Kelly lawyers possess and have exhibited in matters including:

  • Construction defect and delay
  • Criminal actions by third parties
  • Dram Shop liability
  • Employment discrimination matters
  • Food poisoning
  • Health and gym club accidents
  • Invasion of privacy/data breach
  • Landlord/tenant relationship
  • Media relation
  • Negligence security
  • Premises liability
  • Products liability
  • Regulatory compliance for liquor licenses
  • Swimming pool injuries
  • Unlawful restraint and detention
  • Workers’ compensation

In the Retail and Hospitality business, it is an unfortunate reality that liability inducing events occur. Whether it’s a swimming pool accident, accidental carbon monoxide poisoning, criminal act, bathtub injury, flash mob or riot or data breach, Rebar Kelly attorneys possess the know-how and savvy sense required to provide legal assistance with an immediate response when the occasion arises. Rebar Kelly attorneys are able to ensure that evidence is secured, clients are protected and, ultimately, exposure to the inevitable forthcoming claim is minimized or eliminated.

Over the course of handling hundreds of claims for our retail and hospitality clients, Rebar Kelly attorneys have learned that the best results come from early action where we can interview witnesses, collect evidence and evaluate the merits of a claim before a suit is ever initiated. Working with our clients on a prompt assessment and resolution of potential claims helps our clients keep their litigation costs and uncertainty to a minimum and allows them to get back to the business of serving their clients. However, if litigation is required, the Rebar Kelly team has the talent and tenacity essential to ensure our clients obtain the most successful outcome possible under the law.