While Plaintiff’s attorneys thrive on painting a negative picture of the care and treatment received in long-term care facilities, the attorneys in Rebar Kelly’s Long Term Care Group have developed a unique skill set for combating these claims. By establishing a network of premier experts in geriatric care and the medical issues that surround residents of long-term care facilities, Rebar Kelly attorneys provide a specialized and effective defense.

At Rebar Kelly, the attorneys in our Long Term Care Group understand that quality long-term care facilities are essential to the continued care of the elderly and disabled now and in the future. We aggressively defend clients against liability claims to protect our clients’ interests and also to protect the long-term care industry. We also assist our clients in developing risk management strategies including best employment practices and documentation procedures to prevent lawsuits before they occur.

Our Long Term Care Group defends long-term care facilities and their owners and employees in suits alleging negligence, nursing home malpractice, breach of contract, resident rights violations and wrongful death. Additionally, our team of attorneys handles nursing home cases in every stage of litigation, including overseeing investigations and handling all pre-trial and post-trial proceedings.

We possess an expert understanding of the healthcare industry, the unique operational issues facing providers, and the regulatory, litigation and insurance climates in which our clients operate. It is our goal to serve our clients’ needs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our attorneys are always available to help our clients when they need it.