Rebar Kelly attorneys provide risk management services for architects, engineers, and other design professionals. Specifically, Rebar Kelly assists its insurance industry clients through A&E contract review, A&E contract language recommendations, and pre-claims assistance. Rebar Kelly brings a unique and valuable perspective to A&E risk management with our attorneys’ diverse experience and expertise – including experience with public and private sectors, as well as large and small projects.

It is not enough for A&E firms to just provide the service they are hired to perform. With the combination of the complex services and the challenging nature of projects, A&E firms must also manage their risk. While there are many ways an A&E firm can manage their risk in providing services to a third party, a thorough contract review is of upmost importance. Claims will arise from miscommunication, misaligned expectations, and unfavorable contract terms. These risks can be managed by having an experienced attorney review A&E contracts to ensure that A&E firms are not agreeing to terms and conditions that expose them to unnecessary risks. Rebar Kelly assists A&E firms by providing a comprehensive review of their contracts to identify any potential issues and to make recommendations for contract language revisions to reduce potential risk.

Excellent risk management will minimize A&E firm exposure, but it will not eliminate all risk. Claims will arise and expose A&E firms to potential liability. However, many insurance providers offer pre-claims assistance programs that can help address a problem before it turns into a claim. Potential liability from a bad situation can often be minimized or eliminated if the situation is managed correctly. If an issue arises on a project and it is determined that a claim is likely to occur, A&E firms should immediately contact their broker to avail themselves of pre-claims assistance. Rebar Kelly utilizes non adversarial out of the box strategies to resolve pre-claim disputes before an unhappy A&E firm client makes a demand.