Rebar Kelly has represented insurers for all types of first party coverage disputes throughout the country. Property insurers need knowledgeable and experienced counsel, and our attorneys are widely recognized as consummate first-party practitioners. We have extensive experience with the full range of first-party property insurance coverages, from all risks, commercial property, and business interruption.

Although every claim is different, Rebar Kelly has extensive knowledge and experience of the legal bases governing the good faith handling and resolution of any claim scenario. We handle losses arising from weather events, natural catastrophes, structural incidents, suspected arson and fraud, and any other type of loss. Rebar Kelly has also served as counsel to insurers in every recent catastrophe impacting the property insurance industry – whether asbestos or mold related claims, devastating hurricane claims, or even virus-related incidents. With experience across the nation, Rebar Kelly is capable of responding promptly and effectively.

Coverage issues can be complex and require extensive knowledge and experience of the specific policy language and the applicable jurisprudence for a proper interpretation of the provisions. In many cases, collegial negotiation can succeed, however, Rebar Kelly is fully prepared to litigate and has an impressive record of success on behalf of insurers. Our firm is equipped with experienced and practical attorneys to help all insurers through claims, examinations under oath, appraisals, arbitrations, mediations, negotiations, and litigation.


Michael DeWitt