Construction site accidents present unique defense challenges in New York due to Labor Law sections 200, 240 and 241(6) in addition to the financial complexities asserted by the plaintiff and the number of defendants involved. These case specific facts present complex risk transfer issues based upon contractual indemnification, common law theories of indemnification and the type of insurance that covers the project such as an OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) CCIP (Contractor Controlled Insurance Program) or the fact that each defendant maintains his own insurance. This type of litigation is challenging and tends to involve sophisticated issues with multiple parties and complex relationships.

Rebar Kelly understands these complex relationships and issues. With decades of experience, our diverse team of attorneys regularly defends our clients in a wide range of personal injury matters arising out of the construction industry. We provide an experienced defense unique to the law for owners, general contractors, constructions managers and subcontractors of every trade.

The depth of our experience is key to our legal defense in construction injury matters. We are knowledgeable of the statutory laws that are unique to New York State, including Labor Law 240 strict liability standard concerning gravity related accidents, Labor Law 241(6) which requires a specific violation of the Industrial Code and the meaning behind the codification of common law negligence of Labor Law 200. Our defense approach is aimed at identifying these key issues and developing the earliest possible defense strategies tailored to the individual case and client. Our aggressive investigation enable us to assess liability and damages early on in the case enabling us, our client and the insurer to effectively evaluate and defend each individual case on their unique merits.

Our strategy and team approach includes experienced partners, associates and paralegals capable of handling the basic, as well as the highly sophisticated and complex, construction litigation matters throughout New York.