Insurance fraud costs policyholders and the insurance industry an estimated $80 billion a year. Insurance fraud is also estimated to be the second largest economic crime in America, exceeded only by tax evasion. Rebar Kelly is proud to have a dedicated arson and fraud coverage practice, with attorneys who have successfully investigated and litigated all types of insurance fraud, including:

  • Large scale commercial arson fires
  • Total loss residential arson fires
  • Staged residential and commercial burglaries
  • Substantial commercial vandalism claims
  • Claims involving the mysterious disappearance of property/automobiles
  • Claims involving stolen/damaged artwork
  • Legitimate catastrophic property loss claims where the insured seeks policy proceeds for damage unrelated to the catastrophic event
  • Claims involving application fraud, underwriting/premium fraud, broker and managing general agent fraud
  • Bad faith litigation stemming from an underlying coverage denial for arson or insurance fraud.

Through their years of experience investigating and litigating arson and fraud claims, Rebar Kelly attorneys have acquired the specialized skills and good judgment required to conduct an aggressive fraud investigation while simultaneously protecting our insurance clients from bad faith exposure. Our attorneys understand the unique issues which arise in fraud investigations, and the necessity to properly document an insurance fraud case to maximize the potential of securing a positive result.

In successfully investigating and litigating arson and fraud cases throughout the United States, our attorneys have been recognized as experts in the field and have been asked to present by leading arson and fraud organizations, including the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI), the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) and local IASIU chapters, and the Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority, among others.