Rebar Kelly attorneys aggressively resist fraudulent claims. We understand the red flags of insurance fraud including late notice, exaggeration of damages and loss, impeding access to claim information, failure to cooperate, financial stress and the like. Our attorneys also understand the need to vigorously investigate potential insurance application fraud where policy rescission may be appropriate.

Rebar Kelly has extensive knowledge and experience in successfully investigating and litigating all types of insurance fraud, including arson fires, staged burglaries, questionable vandalism, mysterious disappearance, stolen/damaged artwork, unrelated and/or exaggerated damages, and application fraud. Rebar Kelly is fully equipped to assist its clients in all phases of these claim investigations, including assisting in obtaining all material and pertinent supporting claim documents and information from the insured, conducting an examination under oath from the insured, providing its clients with comprehensive coverage determinations based on the investigations, and if necessary, litigating disputed fraudulent claims.

Rebar Kelly attorneys understand the unique nature of fraudulent claims. Although our attorneys assist in aggressive fraud investigations, we are ever mindful of bad faith exposure and act accordingly in our representation of insurers across the United States.