The Security Services and Solutions Industry faces unique liability risks associated with their particularized business. To properly defend a security services and solutions company or professional it requires specialized skill and understanding of the industry workings.

In addition to law enforcement training and experience, Rebar Kelly attorneys work closely with security industry experts to prepare a defense from the outset of a claim. Rebar Kelly has successfully defended the security industry from liability for over a decade. Our attorneys are respected by security industry professionals and achieve outstanding results.

Rebar Kelly has successfully defended security professionals for claims involving:

  • Airport Security/Screening
  • Alarm Monitoring/Response
  • Animal Services
  • Cash/Carry
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Consulting
  • Correctional Facility Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Detention
  • Extradition/Transport
  • Firearms
  • Gate Attendant Services
  • Identification Forgery
  • Mobile Patrols (Armed/Unarmed)
  • Personal Protective Services
  • Private Investigative Services
  • Security Assessment
  • Security Systems Installation
  • Security Training
  • Stadium Building Security Planning
  • Stadium Security
  • Static Guarding
  • Traffic Control
  • Travel Security

The attorneys in Rebar Kelly’s Security Liability Group understand the value of a professional reputation and what it means to a successful business, because we worked hard to earn our own. We take personal pride in the results we have achieved for our clients. Because we work with law enforcement and have former and current careers in law enforcement, we work hard to preserve the integrity of the security profession by defending meritless claims, reducing our clients’ exposure where liability does exist, and by settling meritorious claims early to reduce unnecessary expenses.

At Rebar Kelly, we also provide specific, tailored programs and presentations to our security clients to educate them on the latest liability trends so that they can avoid litigation. We have developed management tools to manage our clients’ liability profile, reduce administrative costs to our clients, and track company information to avoid unnecessary and repetitive requests for information. We provide training for depositions and trial testimony and we prepare our clients for litigation so that when it arises we can get the best results.