MCAP Logo, in all caps the initials of Montgomery Child Advocacy Projects are spelled out. Below is the entire name in smaller font. The text is in dark blue color with “child & C” highlighted in light blue. To the left a heart graphic is shown in dark blue to match. The top left section creates a swirl with a circle on top. Creating the image of a human figure and arm.
Rebar Kelly wears blue for MCAP
April 12, 2019
An image of RK Joyce S Pickles Presentation.
PA Permits Expert Testimony Outside Four Corners of Report With Notice
April 30, 2019

Rebar Kelly Supports the ASC Luncheon Benefitting Mosaic Family Services

asc logo. In gray and blue squares, the initials asc are spelled out. Underneath it says attorneys serving the community.

ASC’s mission is to bring together women lawyers to combine their resources and talents to support local nonprofit organizations whose programs benefit women, children, and families. ASC is also committed to providing its members with personal growth and leadership opportunities, connections in the legal community, and friendship, as it carries out its primary mission of serving our community. Please join us in donating by clicking here.

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