Logo for October- Together Breast Cancer Fundraiser. Between the main text towards the top sits a breast cancer ribbon in a dot. In a banner “BE TOGETHER FOR BREAST CANCER”. Sponsored by USLI.
Rebar Kelly is proud to announce the results of USLI’s October Together Breast Cancer Fundraiser
November 19, 2020
Logo for Operation Healing Forces. Logo appears in a badge style with a circle design. Text wraps around the metal rim. In the center is a yellow spade design. Tear marks are shown over top of the image showing an American flag underneath.
Rebar Kelly supports Operation Healing Forces
December 21, 2020

Rebar Kelly supports Feeding America this #GivingTuesday

Logo for feeding America. Text is in orange and green colors. The I in feeding is wheat stock. The background image of an open field

This year has presented a particular challenge to our nation’s food banks. With this in mind Rebar Kelly is sending e-cards rather than paper cards this holiday season, and donating the cost of the cards to Feeding America. To join us in making a donation please click here.

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