An image showing an aerial shot of a wiffle ball field. participants in a tournament playing the game. There is also shade tents and table set up for spectators
Rebar Kelly to participate in 2019 Jesse Hill Wiffle Ball Tournament
July 30, 2019
Logo for The Magical Mila Foundation. The text is in a childish hand written font. There is a small illustration of a pink haired unicorn with bow placed towards the top. Logo consist of two different pink colors.
Rebar Kelly supports The Magical Mila Foundation
August 21, 2019

Rebar Kelly supports the Aspen-Adara Partnership

Logo for ADARA Development. ADARA is in a bold font towards the top. Each letter is a different color with two shades for a more unique design. Development is written below in white in all caps. At the bottom in a hand written font is saying “-Bridging Worlds-“.

Aspen has partnered with Adara Development, a specialist development organization, for the last 12 years and together we are making a huge difference in the lives of people in both Uganda and Nepal. Through smart investments in maternal, neonatal and child health, we have been able to save tens of thousands of mothers and babies, as well as support the hospital’s community based healthcare, diabetes and HIV/AIDS programs. Since the beginning of the partnership in 2007, more than 8,000 babies have been cared for in the Kiwoko Hospital NICU in Uganda, and over 31,500 women have been admitted to the maternity ward. And, since 2010 when Aspen helped Adara build a brand new maternity ward at Kiwoko hospital in Uganda, we have seen an 84% increase in maternity ward admissions.

To join us in donating please click here

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