Hustle 4 Muscle Logo: shows the initials H4M in white. The 4 creates a running man icon with the addition of a circle head and limbs shown in blue shapes. The words “HUSTLE FOR MUSCLE” are shown below.
Rebar Kelly is proud to support the Hustle for Muscle 5K
November 6, 2017
JDRF logo contains bold blue font for the initials. On the right the words “ Improving, Lives, Curing, Type 1, Diabetes”
Rebar Kelly is going blue for World Diabetes Day on Tuesday, November 14
November 13, 2017

Rebar Kelly supports Sam’s Hope

Sams Hope Logo. Shows a round dog tag shape with a blue ribbon looped through a hole towards the top. Sam’s is spelled out in small blue font towards the top. The “A” is a paw print. Hope is in large gray font underneath. The “O” is yellow and contains silhouettes of a dog and cat with a star above them.

Rebar Kelly office manager and animal lover Marina Bradley teamed up with local nonprofit Sam’s Hope to save the life of an elderly dog who was losing his home of 14 years. To join Rebar Kelly in donating towards Hooch’s ongoing care, click here.

Read Hooch’s story here.

Sam’s Hope hopes to save the lives of companion animals by keeping them out of shelters (where they face a very uncertain future), and with their families.

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