An image of RK Law's Cathleen Kelly Rebar on the right, and Patrick J. Healey on the left.
Pennsylvania Supreme Court Dismisses Dragonetti Action, Clarifies What Constitutes a “Civil Proceeding” Under Pennsylvania Law
December 30, 2020
Graphic for judge for virtual mock trial competition. Background image shows a blurry court room. Scale is shown on the left.
Cathleen Kelly Rebar to Preside as Judge for Virtual Mock Trial Competition
January 29, 2021

Joyce S. Pickles has been named Professional Liability Defense Lawyer of the Year

Graphic from lawyer magazine that highlights Joyce Pickles being awarded professional liability defense lawyer of the year.

Lawyer Monthly has named Rebar Kelly’s Joyce S. Pickles as Professional Defense Lawyer of the year for 2020! Congratulations Joyce! See more here.

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